The Digital Learning Family

Based on Alan November’s Digital Learning Farm model for the classroom, the Digital Learning Family model provides a way for family to view technology use at home through a new lens.  The focus of this model is to create “roles” within the family that allow children to do meaning “work” with technology that provides service to the family.

Below is a video of the slides from the May 7, 2013 parent coffee on “Leveraging Technology for Summer Learning”. You may pause the video at any point. Alternately the presentation slides are also linked as a PDF.

Tech and Summer Learning -PDF

Resources for Digital Learning Family Roles.For any services that require a log-in credential please remember to have an adult create and manager the account.


Scribe / Documentor

  • Evernote – Many AES ES students are very familiar with using Evernote
  • NotePad
  • Google Docs – Most AES ES students are very familiar with using Google Docs
  • An iPad, iPhone, Flip Camera

Maker / Tinker

Designer / Synthesizer

Publisher / Publicist

  • Family Blog – Most AES ES students are very familiar with using WordPress
  • Picasaweb – Simple web based way to edit and share photos
  • e-mail – Most intermediate AES ES students are very familiar with using G-mail


In addition below are links to the resources used in preparing for the presentation.