About Me

The world is flat. Thomas Friedman told us so in the 2005 bestseller of the same title; I agree, and I am proof. From growing up in a small mid-western town of forty thousand, to living in New Delhi , India population fifteen million, I have come to understand first hand how one can flatten the world through both experience and technology.

– Gary Coyle’s SDSU EDTEC Department Application

I am a master classroom teacher with two decades of experience integrating technology in creative and meaningful ways that enhanced student learning in a variety of private, public and international schools.

Educational technology has always been the key component in my best practices of instruction. Due to my early and innovative adoption of technology, my students have been creators rather than consumers who have taken an active role in many special projects that effectively use technology to flattenĀ their worlds. By flattening my students’ worlds through educational technology I hopefully have broadened their horizons and helped them to realize how connected they are to the rest of the world.

– Gary Coyle’s SDSU EDTEC Department Application

When not busy with school, I enjoy maintaining an active lifestyle. Most sports (especially basketball), spending time with my family, reading, experimenting with technology and traveling are my passions. At last count I have been fortunate enough to have visited forty-three different countries.

As a global citizen myself, I bring many unique and varied experiences to to the table. From my varied experiences living overseas, I have come to understand first hand a tremendous diversity of people and ideas. These invaluable experiences have taught me that despite differences, people from varied backgrounds can work together.

– Gary Coyle’s SDSU Graduate School Application

Twenty-seven years in education as a teacher, technology facilitator, technology coordinator and director of technology has provided a deep, conceptual understanding and foundation for building and sustaining a progressive and successful educational technology program.

Because I view myself as both a life-long learner and a citizen of the flat world, I realize pursing a Masters Degree with an emphasis in Educational Technology from San Diego State is a valuable opportunity. Since educational technology is a primary force of flattening, this program will allow me to enhance my professional skills in using instructional technology and ultimately create even better classroom experiences for my students. I look forward to the challenge.

– Gary Coyle’s SDSU EDTEC Department Application

Through my Masters Degree in Educational Technology, one of the most important skills I have developed is the ability to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate the essential elements of a successful integrated educational technology program.

I used this skill most recently as the Director of Technology at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, India. It was an amazing position that combined what I love about education: teaching and working with kids, working as an instructional coach to help teachers more effectively integrate technology in their instruction and finally shaping the bigger picture regarding technology use and innovation in classrooms.