This Week in ES Tech – Special “Are We There Yet?” Edition

What’s Happening: (Below is a sampling of activities from around the ES)

  • Collaboration

    • All KG is live streaming from the incubators and brooders to the classroom blogs as they study ‘Chicks’ for the Animals science unit:

    • KG C is Skyping with a ‘Chicken’ expert (works at the Soil Association, organic farm, UK) to ask questions about chicks and how they grow

    • KG C is working with their 6th grade buddies to research information online for the integrated TPACK ‘Chicks’ unit

  • Critical Thinking

    • Students in 3W and 3D have re-built the Mohenjo Daro civilization using Minecraftedu. They are now dealing with issues like floods and earthquakes and teaming up to find solutions so their civilization survives and thrives.

*If you have something going on in your classroom that you would like to share with others in the tech note please drop us an e-mail.

Departing teachers:  The HS Tech has created this document to help you migrate your digital resources when you leave AES.  External hard drives are available on Flipkart and they will even deliver to Gate 2.  Just let ES Tech know how we can help with your transition. Stay tuned for a couple of after school drop in dates for hands-on help sessions next week.

Apps for next year on the student iPads – If there are apps you would like to be included on the initial build of the grade level student iPads for next fall please make sure they are included on this document by May 15 at the latest. Any apps wanted after that will be added at the end of Q1.

Summer Check Out – Good News – All ES teachers WILL be getting new Macbook Airs in July! Bad News – they will not be delivered and imaged in time for returning teachers to take home over summer. However if you would like, you can take home either your iPad or Dell laptop (or both) for the summer. Returning TAs you are welcome to check out your iPads for the summer also. As such, we are ready to start summer checkout for returning teachers and TAs.  Stop up to ES134 any time with your equipment and sign the waiver. If you are not returning or turning equipment in for the summer please hold on to it for now and watch for the end of year tech note for return details.

Tech Showcase – The ES Tech Team is hosting our last parent coffee on May 15 and as part of it would like to showcase some of the amazing work that has happened this year regarding teaching and learning with technology. If you have something that you would like to showcase please drop me a note ASAP.

Tech and Learning Tip of the Week –  With Summer just around the corner students will be doing all sorts of learning through their own interests and play. One compelling question for teachers is, ”How can we value the learning from outside of the classroom in the classroom?” PBS has created a thought provoking documentary built around that question and others entitled “Is School Enough?”  While in India you can view the movie here. Well worth the time to watch!

It’s That Time of The Year: