This Week in ES Tech – Special 5 Weeks to Go But Who’s Counting Edition

What’s Happening: (Below is a sampling of activities from around the ES)

  • Creativity

    • 5th grade students are publishing and printing fantasy writing and binding them into books in art class

    • 4th grade students in 4TP and 4AP created short videos using the 4 Essential Video Shots

  • Collaboration

    • Students in 3W and 3D are teaming in groups to re-build the Mohenjo Daro civilization using Minecraftedu

  • Communication

    • All second graders are posting the persuasive reviews to this site created by Anshu. Check out the growing comments section on each review!

  • Critical Thinking

    • KG S is applying coding skills to draw Shapes (square, rectangle) using Move the Turtle app

*If you have something going on in your classroom that you would like to share with others in the tech note please drop us an e-mail.

Veracross  – Report cards are now open and ready for your input. FYI – There seems to be an issue with semester two comments causing spill over onto a third page of the card. Veracross is aware of the issue and working to resolve it. You may continue to enter comments. If you need a refresher on how to please contact anyone on the ES Tech Team or check out this screencast.

Tech and Learning Tip of the Week –  We have heard a lot recently about the importance of allowing students to embrace their mistakes in the quest for developing a growth mindset. Gitanee Reveilleau (AES MS EAL Teacher) has created an outstanding video on the importance of leaders and by extension teachers embracing the same. Well worth the six minutes to watch. Hat tip to Ben for passing along!


Worth a Download ?- Bloom* – Although there is no educational value in this app, with all that is going on with wrapping up this year and planning for next year it is awfully easy to get stressed out and Bloom* may be a digital part of the solution. Basically, this app allows you to create and schedule reminders on any number of things throughout the day: a reminder to drink water, or to do a breathing exercise, or to take a one minute vacation using your own photos. In addition you can send blooms to others to help inspire or relax them. Here is a short video overview. Give it a shot, it’s free.

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It’s That Time of The Year: From a friend’s Facebook status-

“The thing about Internet quotes is that you cannot confirm their validity.”

– Abraham Lincoln