This Week in ES Tech – Special Son of MAP Edition (Longer, tougher, MORE standardized!)

What’s Happening: (Below is a sampling of activities from around the ES)

  • Creativity

    • Grade 3 Spanish students are creating popplets to show their learning of classroom objects, colors, numbers and food. Sample

    • Grade 4 Spanish students are creating movies using Explain Everything to talk about seasons, clothes and colors in Spanish. Sample 1,  Sample 2

    • 3Team students are using Drawing Pad for fractions work during mini lessons – similar to a white board.

    • Students in 3N are creating books about courageous people using Book Creator.

  • Collaboration

    • Students in grade 1C are using Soundcloud to record opinions about the dog puppets.

    • Second graders are publishing their ‘Persuasive Reviews’ to a shared blog.

    • Students in 2W are starting with blog commenting for the persuasive reviews.

  • Critical Thinking

    • KG S, KG T and KG LT students are exploring coding using the Kodable app.

    • Students in 1K are using Evernote to record observations as they study life cycle of a silkworm

    • 3W invited parents into the room to participate in a design challenge with the students.

    • Students in 5VD are documenting the design process of designing and building solar ovens.

*If you have something going on in your classroom that you would like to share with others in the tech note please drop us an e-mail.

MAP Testing Returns This Monday – Thursday

  • There will be a significant interruption this week in Windows laptop access on April 14-17 when we will be shuffling carts of Windows laptops around the school to facilitate the taking of MAP tests per this schedule. During these days you will not have access to the ES Windows laptops as you normally would. Please check the above schedule for specific details on which carts are involved.

  • Please also realize that the entire ES Tech Team is involved in this testing effort. As a result we will try to be as responsive as we can to your other tech needs, but our priority this week is ensuring the success of the MAP testing program.

NO Classroom Photo CD Reminder– Please remember the ES tech department will NOT be burning CDs of classroom photos at the end of the year. If you have classroom photos from the year that you would like to share with parents contact us and we can show you several ways to share them electronically.

ES Faculty and ES Student Shared Drives – The ES Faculty and ES Student shared drives are beginning to be phased out. This process will take a couple years to complete. To begin the process, please do the following.

1. Delete any unnecessary files/folders that you have in either of these drives (they are VERY full).

2. Please do not save any new files into the ES Faculty and ES Student shared drives. Instead please use Google Drive or Dropbox and share items as needed (Ask anyone on the ES Tech Team for help if needed).

3. Existing materials that are in these drives at the end of this year will remain there through next year. At that point we will develop a transition strategy for moving any remaining items in these drives to Google Drive.

File Under Fun – When you need a break this week check out this video.  Hat tip to Tami R!

Tech and Learning Tip of the Week –  We have our students taking photos all of the time, but what do we do with them to promote, inquiry, deep thinking or conversations in the classroom? In this excellent blog post, Evan Scherr offers an amazing variety of tips for using photography for meaningful learning in a variety of content areas. I especially likes how he defines the role of technology as a partner in the learning process. Hat tip to Phil for this one!

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