This Week in ES Tech – Special Out Like a Lamb Edition

What’s Happening: (Below is a sampling of activities from around the ES)

  • Creativity

    • Students in 5Team used the educational version of the game Minecraft to experience push and pull factors related to migration.

    • Grade 5 Indian Studies students created videos showcasing their Ranthambore experience using iMovie. Sample 1 Sample 2

  • Communication

    • KGLT  this week worked on their Easy Blog Jr. to share their adventures over spring break. Student Sample

    • 3Team students are using Evernote to share their work with Mary Miller via distance.

    • Justin is using the Socrative app to check his 4Team students understanding of math concepts while he is gone.

  • Critical Thinking

    • As part of their unit on migration, students in 5Team used design thinking to create prototypes of things that could help new students to AES adjust easier to the school.

*If you have something going on in your classroom that you would like to share with others in the tech note please drop us an e-mail.

Two Minute Film Festival– Thanks for your support of the second design challenge! If you have any additional students working on movies please have them bring them to ES134 when finished. The final videos can be found on this playlist on the ES YouTube channel. Stay tuned for design challenge three starting soon!

MAP Testing Returns – This external assessment which is given twice a year is computer based. As part of the preparation there may be some disruption in your access to the Windows laptops over the next two weeks as Yogesh and Phillip update the testing client on 150 of our ES laptops. Our goal is that prior to the actual testing days to keep these disruptions to a minimum.

The ES Mac Airs will be being borrowed by the high school for MAP testing this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (April 1-3) and not be available.

The significant interruption in our Windows laptop access will occur on April 14,15,16 and 17 when we will be shuffling carts of computers around the school to facilitate the taking of the tests. During these days you may not have access to the ES Windows laptops as you normally would.  This will NOT affect the Mac Airs during those dates.

Tech and Learning Tip of the Week –  If you have been in ES134 recently you probably noticed the interesting shade of green one of the walls in the recording studio is painted. While not aesthetically pleasing this wall now serves as a green screen that when coupled with the Green Screen app from DoInk allows students and teachers to create videos with almost any image as the background. Sam Glicksman (one of the keynote speakers at our iPad Summit last fall) has written a terrific piece with ideas on how to use a green screen to promote student learning and creativity. If you would like to chat about a video project using the green screen please contact any member of the ES Tech Team.