This Week in ES Tech – Special Getting Ready to Hit the Beach Edition

What’s Happening: (Below is a sampling of activities from around the ES)

  • Creativity

    • Indian Studies students in grade 5 are creating movies about their wonderful learning experience about the village activities and flora fauna in Ranthambhore using iMovie and Garageband.

    • Students in 1P, 1R and 1D are using Explain Everything to create eJournals as they study mealworms in science Click here for a sample.

  • Communication

photo (48).JPG

  • Collaboration

    • Last week students from UNIA school visited Kindergarten as part of our service learning exchange program.  One opportunity the local students had was to use our iPads. Were those children in awe or what! It was such a wonderful, and perhaps very first experience for them to see an iPad. The students were mesmerized with the drawing app. and that they could use their finger to create a piece of art. In turn our AES students were fantastic and supportive guides.

  • Critical Thinking

    • Students in KG S are building their student blogs as a representation of personalities. This is in connection with the SST Identity unit. Click here and here

    • Students in 1L are working on developing photography skills. They looked at Flower portraits by Irving Penn to understand some basic photography tricks – zoom, light, backdrop and angle. Students then took photos of flowers in the ES greens. – Click here to see their work.

*If you have something going on in your classroom that you would like to share with others in the tech note please drop us an e-mail.

ES Design Challenge #2 Breaking News!-  Details and promotional video for the next design and build challenge “The Two Minute Film Festival” are coming out later this week! In the meantime check out the playlist of videos from the Creative Vibrations – Musical Instrument Challenge.

Please Spread the Word – Future techies are invited to the AES High School Computer Honor Society (CHS) Tech Night on March 27, from 5-6pm in the HOP.

Tech and Learning Tip of the Week – Anshu, our in-house WordPress developer extraordinaire, in conjunction with Phil have created a new format to showcase digital student products (In this case feature articles, but could be movies, ebooks or audio recordings). Please take a minute and check out this blog, 4Team Feature Articles, like a regular blog this can be linked to your classroom blog or emailed out to parents.

However, beyond the regular blog features what makes this unique is the design and that there is a filter feature that can be activated that would allow specific categories, such as social issues, sports, outdoors, animals to be filtered. This allows the readers to bring up all the articles that fall in that category. Imagine how powerful this could be as a warehouse for demonstrating growth over a year, or for having one place for students to visit to provide feedback to their classmates, or as a class project showcase to a wider audience. Let us know if you are interested in having something like this created for your classroom.